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Dear Rory,

I am an equally poor recent graduate, so I’m afraid that all I can do is suggest the Megabus to you.  It will take much longer than flying, especially since making a connection in New York would probably be necessary, but it would likely cost you well under $100.  Much easier to raise, I think. 

Best wishes, and hope this works out for you!


Okay, so, hi. My name is Rory, and I have this friend in Toronto who means the world to me, Tally (or Sarah). Late this Saturday night, she posted a suicide note on her tumblr. As of yet, we haven’t heard back from the Toronto police with an update, but… she’s going to…

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Ha … Guess I’m not on hiatus.  Day 5’s post can’t happen yet, though.  I have (gasp!) no knitting on me …

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Oops …

It’s a bit late to say so now, but I guess I’ll have to take a break from posting.  I’ll resume with Day 5 as soon as I can catch up to my life …

In the meantime, thanks for all the laughs and happy-making things you post! 

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Day 4: Inspiration from Outdoors

A rare exception to my normal MO, these are not items of my creation; rather, they are an expression of what inspires me, and what I like about knitting.  It can be the foundation of a relaxing day outside, or it can be your activity of choice outside.  Perhaps one could conceivably even knit in a knitted chair, or on an afghan — who knows?  It can be large-scale, organized sculpture, or a small-scale graffiti “tag” or “yarn bomb”.  I’ll save the so-called “yarn bombing” for my home, and maybe for my local yarn shop and a few other establishments willing to display my work, but over time, I must let out my inner graffiti artist.  I strive to always be colorful, and always irreverent.

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Day 1 - You in Action

Finally, a picture, and a more or less accurate depiction at that.  Not so much that I do all of my knitting in bed (although I do often), but that I am very relaxed about it.  The yarn and the needles will go anywhere with me that I think I can get away with taking them — across hundreds of miles on trains and buses (or just in other people’s cars), into the teacher’s lounge, to D&D, to his band practices, to my practices, or even into a bar.  It will come with me as often as many people take a laptop or a book with them.  If someone finds it odd that I am knitting so publicly, they are usually doubly fascinated to find out that it’s anything but the scarf they imagined it to be.  Just wait until I actually start making beer- and wine-related projects in a bar … 

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OK, I really do want to start the month of craft photos (albeit a late start), but for “#1 - You in Action”, I haven’t yet been in action while not wearing pajamas, at least not in action with actually knitting instead of detailing a project, and definitely not while someone else has actually felt like taking a picture. 

Also, I don’t think I have ever actually used anything I knitted, since I primarily make gifts.  I guess I have about half a month to finish an object that I will use before “#17 - Last FO You Used”.

Ugh.  How can I be so frustrated over this when “#2 - Craft Tools” will be the most awesome picture ever?